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  • Slappy McPhee

    So I am assuming that you somehow managed to get an approval to sell a product with RetroPie on it from the devs at RetroPie themselves? I doubt that is a safe assumption.

    • Aramir

      Could be wrong but I don’t think retropie is part of their product, They’re selling an addon to it. Thought they still probably need permission to do so according to what type of license they’re retropie is using.

      • Glenn Lake

        Your right. Eltechs is trying to use the popularity of retropie to sell more licencees. The main problem, unless they have changed there EULA, you must buy a license for each install on raspberry pi.

  • Aramir

    But does that means that you managed to make Opengl driver work with retropie ?

  • Marc-Antoine Pelletier

    I’m assuming Windows Games must be DRM free ? We cannot play for example a game from a platform, say Steam.

    • Aramir

      I managed to install steam (linux version x86), but windows version refuses to install. I also admit I haven’t tried too much to force windows’s version installation

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  • Paulo César B. Sincos

    I tried this tutorial today, and… that broke my retropie… great! 🙁

  • Mike Larski

    step 7 didn’t happen just back to command line after setting up trial, also i have a key how do i update