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  • Tan Naroo

    Great tutorial. Just wanted to know after setup this up, if I disconnect the external drive from the RPi, will the RPi go into emergency mode/root lock?

    If so, is there a way to prevent the RPi go into emergency mode is the external drive is disconnected?

  • Jabari Dash

    Thanks man, Easy to follow. Got a NAS up in a few minutes

  • Julian

    Can’t use FreeNAS as 8Gb RAM are required.

  • Awesome Armaan 7

    is is possible for this nas to connect with a mac?
    I am trying, but it says the ip does not exist, yet i typed it exactly.
    I need help!

  • Kicsisucu

    Thank you for the clear tutorial. One question remains: After this stpes, the Pi can’t boot without the external hard drive. What should I do to fix this issue? I tried the «defaults,error=continue» flag in the fstab file but it does not solved the problem. Can you help me in this question?

  • Marco Ult

    Great clear tutorial. The best i found. Work fine. Thanks!!!!

  • Douglas Purcelle

    Tutorial is clear and works. What is a normal transfer rate using a raspberry pi?

  • Xulescu Nustiucum

    Hi all,
    It’s there any possibility to run an whatever NAS software or OS on a rPi (1) B+ (NOT rPi2, or 3)?