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  • 克 TAN
  • constantin

    I’m running for 4 hours with no problems, free ram 49 mega, terminal is using ~300 mega.

  • Jose Asuaje

    When Installig the metatrader4, it says «Unsupported operating system!», what am I doin wrong?

    • 克 TAN

      The points are:
      1. run exagear in terminal
      2. check the emulator has prepared i686 environment (centOS or ubuntu suggested) already
      3. in the same terminal to run the installer through wine

    • 譚克

      You need to install wine (emulator) first, then install MT4 via wine.

  • Eee

    When installing, Specify The Proxy popup shows.

    • 譚克

      If you are in an intranet behind gateway,proxy setting is necessary.

      • Reiner Rusch

        What are you settings if you got no real proxy but your router?
        Or did you install a sw-proxy locally?

  • Reiner Rusch

    This doesn’t work with a Raspberry Pi 3B+
    I don’t know exactly what the problem is but it seems to have something to do with the version of raspbian?!
    Jessy doesn’t boot and Stretch which has no problems with that doesn’t work with exagear and wine?!
    I found out how to use winetricks and installed winhttp which sometime solved problems und linux/x86….
    But unfortunately this doesn’t work here.
    Bought an intel nuc….

  • Reiner Rusch

    Hi all,

    Happy New Year!

    I found a solution this will work!
    -> http://microforex.duckdns.org/MT4-on-a-Raspberry.tgz