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Rikor Releases Russia’s First ARM-based Server

In the end of November our friends at Rikor.IT announced release of Russia’s first ARM-based server.

Rikor’s EcoBlade R210 servers made in 2U form factor and include 10 microservers based on 1.6GHz 4 core 32-bit Armada XP ARM CPUs from Marvell. RAM could reach up to 16GB per server. Chassis could include up to 40 HDDs.

In the nearest future Rikor plans to release EcoBlade R316 servers in 3U form factor that will include up to 32 microservers. Along with that Rikor is planning to release server racks packed with up to 780 microservers.

ARM-based servers from Rikor can be used for web-oriented tasks and provide a performance compatible with conventional Intel-based servers. At the same time ARM-based servers consume up to 7 times less power while density could be up to 10 times higher (compared to conventional servers).

Rikor’s ARM-based servers are powered by Ubuntu Linux or Alt Linux.

Rikor clearly shows that more and more hardware vendors all around the world are entering ARM-based server market providing great eco system and vast diversity. Here at Eltechs we are wishing all the best to our friends at Rikor.

Based on: http://www.osp.ru/news/articles/2013/44/13038545/