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Relive The Epic Battles Of ‘Heroes Of Might And Magic III’ On Your Android™ Compatible Device

Eltechs is proud to announce the worldwide release of ‘ExaGear Strategies’ to the Google Play™ digital app store. Aimed at gamers who love to play classic PC games on their Android™ compatible device, ‘Heroes Of Might And Magic III’ is just the first in a series of great games to be compatible with the groundbreaking ‘ExaGear Strategies’ virtual-machine.

‘Heroes Of Might And Magic III’ is a classic turn-based strategy game, in which players are taken to Erathia where Catherine Ironfist, Queen of Enroth, seeks to avenge her father’s death and restore the land to its natives. Players control the armies, seek artifacts, and find treasure. Featuring a rich magic system, character development, and strategic conquest, it is the player’s task to help Catherine Ironfist find her father’s killer and reclaim Erathia.

‘ExaGear Strategies’ is a FREE to download app with premium subscription-based features. The only prerequisite to run is a fully working PC version of the game, and to play on Android™ a set of easy-to-follow guidelines and instructions must be followed. This includes in part the process of moving game files from the PC to the mobile device. Upon installation players can relive the glory of the classic game, and continue the epic battles for the people, necromancers, elves, barbarians, mages and devils.

‘ExaGear Strategies’ is available for download from here:


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