Raspberry Pi 2 and Odroid-C2


We got in our hands Odroid-C2 and can’t stop ourselves from comparison Raspberry Pi 2 and Odroid-C2 from performance point of view 🙂 We took four benchmarks and run them on Raspberry Pi 2 and Odroid-C2.



Raspberry Pi 2 Model B



1000 MHz

2000 MHz




Operating System

Raspbian Jessie from November 2015

Ubuntu 16.04


Sysbench is benchmark which has 6 subtest comparing: file read/write speed, CPU performance, memory subsystem performance and multithreading performance with thread and mutex.

GeoBenchmark is another pretty simple benchmark which compare CPU, memory and disk performance.

7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.

Peacekeeper is universal browser test which tests rendering, HTML5, text parsing and other stuff involved in common days browser workload. We used Chromium browser.



Raspberry Pi 2 and ODROID-C2 comparison on Sysbench


Raspberry Pi 2 and ODROID-C2 comparison on Geobenchmark

As you can see on synthetic benchmarks on CPU intensive codes Odroid-C2 outperforms Raspberry Pi 2 in 1.5-2 times. On a disk intensive benchmarks the situation is not as ambiguous. But to be honest we use fast but different SD-cards for comparison. So, result might be skewed by this factor. Let’s take a look on real-live benchmarks.


Raspberry Pi 2 and ODROID-C2 comparison on 7zip

7-Zip is CPU intensive application and performance results are similar to what we had on synthetic benchmarks: Odroid-C2 outperforms RPi2 in 1.5-2 times.


This is our favorite test and the closest to real-time experience. Peacekeeper very accurately characterizes browsing experience.

Raspberry Pi 2


Peacekeeper on Raspberry Pi 2 Peacekeeper on ODROID-C2

Odroid-C2 outperforms Raspberry Pi 2 on 89%!

Final notes

We are very excited with performance of Odroid-C2! We really have passed the point where we can get fast PC for $40. We were doing some real life web surfing and we can say that it is really usable. Raspberry Pi 2 was a bit too slowly for desktop in my opinion. But we are waiting for the new Raspberry Pi 3 which was launched a couple days ago but we still didn’t get it in our hands 🙁 We will repeat this testing with Raspberry Pi 3 as soon as we get it. They say it is 1.5 times faster than Raspberry Pi 2. Will see…

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  • Brett Cooper

    A good test would be to transfer a file from a Nas to usb drive. You will see the Pi’s worst bottlenext

    • Vadim

      To be honest we did not try to find worst bottleneck of Pi 🙂
      But we are going to expand benchmarks set and add RPi3 to comparison.

  • Ruben Pedro

    U guys @eltechs are great! I love your product, ExaGear Desktop. Keep going with the good work!! I’ll look forward to see that RPi3 comparsion

  • Bo

    Just for comparison purposes of best use scenarios, I would also like to see you use an eMMC on the C2.