How to Make Projects on NVIDIA Jetson

Brief introduction of NVIDIA Jetson development boards
and an overview of typical projects to do on

What are NVIDIA Jetson boards?


NVIDIA Jetson is a modern development board, which is “the embedded platform for autonomous everything” as the NVIDIA company defines their own product on their website. Basically, such kind of boards are made to carry out IoT, AI, robotics and any type of automation projects on.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as the machine learning are becoming a really widespread technology for the future. So, it is very important to be aware of the latest technical achievements within that industry which NVIDIA Jetson boards are a part of.

Jetson boards are ideal for being used in different kinds of AI projects. Jetson boards for AI projects (well described on the electronics-lab blog) meet the needs of AI developers with their set of features provided for specific AI needs. There are three board models: TK1 (the previous generation) and TX1/TX2 – the two models of the next generation. In this article we are describing the latest two. Their overall peculiarity is their cost-effectiveness, low power consumption and high-performance. They are also offered with their Jetson Development Kits, which include the Linux environment, consumables and tools necessary for the AI developing.

NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Development Kit NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Development Kit
TX1 kit for NVIDIA Jetson AI projects NVIDIA Jetson TX2 devkit for AI projects

Full-Size SD

USB 2.0 Micro AB


M.2 Key E

PCI-E x4

Gigabit Ethernet

USB 3.0 Type A

SATA Data and Power


TTL UART with Flow Control

Display Expansion Header

Camera Expansion Header

What to use NVIDIA Jetson boards for?

There is a wide field of implementation of those boards. As I have already mentioned above, they are ideal for AI projects. You can also use it for machine learning, making up robots, drones, 360 cameras, etc. The hardware is able to maintain a great performance even within limited connectivity, as well as to provide great real-time control and data processing security.

Not mentioning the fact, that the Jetson boards are complete tools for building equipment around and using them for demos and simulations within Artificial Intelligence field. In fact, for carrying out such complicated tasks any developer obviously tends to face a kind of software lack. So, due to the gap in software for such processors architecture, the efficient solution would be to emulate the proper environment and run applications within this friendly environment.

Such a solution is ExaGear Desktop. It is a powerful emulator that is able to run almost any software on almost any hardware. For thousands of ExaGear users, it is more common to implement it to projects made on Raspberry Pi. We’ve got a rich collection of released articles about such interesting projects. The latest ones are:

Metatrader Ronbot to be made on NVIDIA Jetson

Metatrader 4 Robot. The project about making up an automated trading system, that works on a development board and Metatrader 4 trading application, installed and programmed on it. Learn more …

Retropie extended with PC games emulator

Retropie Retro PC Gaming Emulator. The Retropie is an application, which offers almost all known video gaming consoles in one set and runs them on development boards, like Raspberry Pi. We managed to adapt our ExaGear Desktop for it as a PC games emulator which can run Windows PC games inside it. Actually, this solution can be installed on any development board (including NVIDIA Jetson TX1/TX2). Learn more …

Retropie extended with PC games emulator

NAS on Raspberry Pi. A very popular software project. We’ve managed to make up a network storage on an ARM-based device (Raspberry Pi) that can work 24/7 with a low energy consumption. It provides the storage and the backup for a file system at the same time. Try to build up the same on Jetson TX 1 or TX2! Learn more …

Plex Media Server can be installed on Jetson TX 1 or Jetson TX2

Plex Media Server on Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is just an example hardware here. Actually, this can be done on any development board. Plex Media Server is a great feature for managing, storing and sharing media data. Besides, brought to some board like RPi, it becomes savvy. Try it on Jetson TX 1 or TX2! Learn more …

Literally, the possibilities of making projects are limitless. You can use your imagination to try everything shown above on Jetson boards as well. Also, if you ever need something special to be installed on NVIDIA Jetson TX1 or TX2, it can be done with ExaGear Desktop. In fact, we have a special license of ExaGer for NVIDIA Jetson devices, available on our product page! (push the button to learn more)

Get my ExaGear for NVIDIA Jetson

If you are interested in learning more about ExaGear and its features, follow this link.

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