ExaGear Server

Eltechs ExaGear Product ExaGear Server

Running Standard PC Software on ARM-based Servers

ARM-based servers can dramatically decrease total cost of ownership (TCO) of data centers and cloud providers.But due to the ubiquity of the Intel x86 platform, many software applications have been developed for this architecture and are not compatible with ARM architecture. Therefore ARM servers market lacks software. We have a Pilot version use case of an ARM-as-a-Service platform (recently finished), which you can learn here.

Eltechs, Inc. is developing middleware that enables running standard PC software on ARM CPUs. Thanks to binary translation approach it is a fast, reliable and easy to use solution.




We provide up to 80% out of native ARM application performance. Running x86 applications on ARM delivers close to native performance with dramatic energy savings.



We use best practice combined with vast experience of building high-tech products to provide a great level of reliability.


Ease of use

We are committed to developing technology that is user friendly with transparent operation so end users don’t notice a difference between running x86 applications natively, or on an ARM-based platform.