The Full Tutorial on
How to Use ExaGear Strategies

The Guide for both beginners and advanced users

Thanks for choosing ExaGear Strategies! We recommend you to pass this tutorial first to learn the navigation and main features and capabilities of our application!

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to upload and run the game, adjust settings and solve possible problems and issues.


This is the main navigation Menu of the app. All the executable files are identified and displayed here automatically. Note, that you DO NOT HAVE ANY EXE FILES ON THE FIRST RUN! How to add the gem exe files to ExaGear desktop, you’ll learn below in this tutorial (in the How to Add Games to ExaGear Strategies section).

Run Windows Applications on Android Mobile Devices

Sometimes you may need to launch games via exe files which are stored in this additional section. Also, any additional non-gaming exe files are collected there as well.

Very often we provide our users with interesting offers, discounts, giveaways and sales via promo codes, which we deliver to our users via e-mails or through push notifications. So, there’s a special section, where you can input the promo code.

Then, you can see a refresh button. This button is used when you upload some files to ExaGear Strategies but can’t see any changes in the interface. One or several taps on this button may solve this problem.

The main informational button. This calls for a pop-up window with a brief instructions for the app and links to other tutroilas.

To adjust the main settings you can use the following icon. Each game has its own settings to adjust. How to change them, learn in the tutorial below.

How to Add Games to ExaGear Strategies

Now, when you are more familiar with how to navigate and adjust the settings within the ExaGear Strategies app, it’s time to play! This is not as complicated as it may seem for the first time. To begin with, you should own a game you’d like to play on your smartphone or tablet via ExaGear. For that, we strongly recommend you to use only the legal sources. For example, one of the best one is the GOG website. Here you can find a lot of games, which are more likely to successfully start on Android mobile devices via ExaGear Strategies.

As soon as you get the game, you need to install it on your Windows (or Mac) PC first! This step is needed to transfer the installed game files from your PC to your Android later.

How to Transfer the Game from PC to Android

So, you have installed the game on your PC now. Then, you need to transfer the entire game folder to the ExaGear folder on your Android device. How to find all those folders?

Usually, the installation is performed into some special game folder, that is created right on yr main local disk (in case of Windows this is marked “C”). So, you need to go to “This PC” -> “Local Disk C” -> “GAMES Folder” (If you use GOG, this is going to be the “GOG Games” folder).

In this folder, you need to find the game folder. Usually, it has the title of your game.

Make sure, that everything has been installed correctly. Just enter the game folder and check if the exe file is situated within (it’s very important!)

Then, you need to find the ExaGear folder on your Android device. For that, connect your Android to your desktop PC (in the example, the device is Nexus 10 tablet):

Then go to “Your Android Device Name” (“Nexus 10”) -> “Internal Storage” (this may vary, depending on a device). The ExaGear folder is situated in this directory

Now, simply transfer the entire game folder form your “Local disc” of your desktop to the ExaGear folder on your Android device.

After that, just launch Exagear Strategies app. If everything has been performed correctly, the app should identify the game exe file and display it on the main screen:

Now, you need to choose this exe file to select a control and launch the game. How to do that, read below.

How to Select Controls and Play the Game

When you press the exe file, the pop-up window with options appears.

To play the game on the touchscreen, you need to select the specially adapted controls. This is a paid option, but there is a 3-day trial available. This is the very first option on the screen.

Besides trial, you can also make a purchase. There are the two options available:

  • Controls purchase. This is a one-time payment purchasing of the lifetime access to one of the controls chosen. To make the purchase, push the “Buy Controls” button. As soon as you pay, you’ll get the full lifetime access to the selected controls and will no longer receive the dialogue window with payment options.
  • Monthly subscription. To subscribe, push the “Buy Subscription to all controls” button. As soon as you perform the payment, you’ll get a full access to all the controls for a month since the moment of payment confirmation. When the month is over you are charged automatically for the next monthly subscription period. You can cancel your subscription at any time. As soon as it’s canceled, you can use the controls up to the end of the paid period and will not be charged for the next month. Note that you’ll lose access to the controls in this case.

How to Buy Controls

The process is pretty simple! No matter if you would like to buy the controls or pay for the monthly subscription, the algorithm is always the same:

1. Push the “Buy Controls” (or “Buy Subscription…”) button and you’ll see the next window with the payment procedure.

2. Make sure you have chosen the right payment method. For that, tap the arrow and then select “Payment methods”.

3. You’ll be taken to the options list to choose a payment method from.

4. The best way is to pay with a credit or a debit card. As a user of Google Play, you’re aware that you need to add the card to the Google Play system unless you have previously done that. So, just follow the system prompts and complete your purchase.

Note, that no card has been added to the Google play yet in the example screenshot. If the card is added, you should see it instead of the “Add credit or debit card” sign!

How to Play Games on Android with ExaGear Strategies Controls

When you have purchased your controls or subscribed or claimed the trial, you can start playing! The controls are overall pretty simple and can be learned intuitively but still, there are a few interesting features, which are worth your attention. You can learn both controls by checking the illustrations below.

‘Helium’ controls

These controls are recommended for Heroes 3 *, Disciples 2 * and Panzer General 2 *.

Controls have the only one mode, all actions can be performed by gestures described here.


‘Cuprum’ controls

These controls are recommended for Civilization 3 *.

Controls have two modes – left click mode and right click mode. The current mode is indicated in the top left corner of the screen inside the application. To change mode tap the indicator.

Besides the actions which can be performed by gestures described here, hot keys are available to the left of the screen inside the application.



In the Navigation section, we’ve learned all the icons and buttons of the main interface screen. You should remember the settings menu icon, which is situated at the end of each game’s line. When tapping on it, this type of a pop-up window appears:

Among the settings you can find:

  • Screen resolution
  • Color Depth
  • Locale
  • Default controls

Now, let’s take a closer look at each option and how you can change it.

Screen resolution

With this option, you can change the resolution of the game screen. In most cases, the best variant is 800×600, which is selected by default. Anyway, you’re free to choose among other alternatives according to your taste and need: 640×480, 1024×768 and 1280×720.

Color Depth

With this option, you can change the display quality by adjusting the color depth. The more depth (bpp) value you set the better quality of the image you get. 16 bpp is set up by default as the average. You can increase the quality by adjusting the depth to 32 bpp. It’s supported by most of the Android devices starting from Android 2.3 and later.


Locale mostly sets up your language preferences. For example, to choose the English language just set up “en-US.UTF8” in the context menu (“en” means “English”, “US” – “United States”, UTF8 – is what recommended for fonts to be correctly displayed).


Default controls are what is chosen automatically by the app. The app’s choice is always the best possible variant, so we don’t recommend you to change anything within this option. Although you still can experiment if you like. As soon as you are done with all settings, press “OK”.

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