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for ExaGear Strategies

I don’t now where to start from…

ExaGear Strateies is an Andoird application that allows playing native Windows computer games on Andorid devices. So that you only need to transfer the game files to your Android and start playing. If you’d like to learn all the possible functions of ExaGear Strategies, we advise you to read our Main Tutorial first. Also you can get the general knowledge of isntalling and launching the most popular games from our specially prepared tutorials:

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When I install the app I can only see the window with some instructions and can’t enter the app… What should I do next?

First of all, it’s absolutely OK, that you can’t enter the app on the first run. This is because ExaGear Strategies is made for playing PC games on Andorid devices. So, the app needs some games (particualrly their exe files) to be installed to let you in. On the first run you don’t have any games (exe files) so we display our basic instruction in front of you to make sure you know what to start from. This is the instruction:

ExaGear Strategies basic tutorial

Be attentive and read thoroughly through what is written in this instruction. You’ll find the links to more detailed tutorials and brief information on how to launch your first game. So, to enter the app, you should transfer at least one game to your Android. This is defenetly the next and the very fist step.

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What games can I play via ExaGear Windows Emulator?

Basically, we’ve got a list of approved games, which were tested by our team and which will be identified automatically.


Also, we’ve got an unofficial list of games. They’ve been tested by the community and enthusiasts. The full unofficial list includes 140+ titles and is still growing:


The best advice would be to adhere to these lists and subscribe to our news to keep yourself up-to-date to the lists’ latest updates.

In fact, the games with the release date between the 90s and 2005 are the best ones to try. In case you would like to install the game which is not from one of our lists (official or unofficial) always consider this parameter.

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Where can I get the games?

You cannot download any copyright content and use it for free because it violates the law in most of the countries. So, we strongly recommend you to use only official and legal sources. One of the best sources of the games that meet technical requirements of Android devices can be found on www.gog.com. This is one of the largest and well-known computer games online marketplace. The most of the titles available in our of the official list have been taken from their website. So, if you buy the games on gog.com and use their setup files we can almost guaranty you the successful installation. The games taken from other sources are not guaranteed because they simply have not been tested yet.

Also, you can try to install the games that you used to play on your pc and the ones that either have already been installed on your computer or the ones, you have got an installation CD for. If the game is within the release dates range of 1990 – 2005 appointed earlier, there are high chances of successful installation.

The other credible and legal sources of games are:

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What are the minimum technical requirements for my Android to use ExaGear on?

The main technical requirement for the hardware is that it should be nor less than Android 5.0. The devices which have this operating system can almost guaranty that the proper title will work. The other question is what the proper game is like. These are the games with a release date 1990 – 2005 and which support the software rendering. It’s not possible to know for sure if a particular game supports this or not. So, the best choice would be to run all types of strategies and RPGs within the appointed time range.

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I’ve already got some titles installed on my PC. Can I transfer them to ExaGear for playing on Android?

Yes, definitely, you can. You can try. Especially, if the game is included in our official list (or unofficial one) the chances are even higher! In case the game isn’t included in one of these lists, simply try to copy all the game files from your PC to Android device using this tutorial.

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I’ve installed the game but it doesn’t work! How can I fix this?

It depends on circumstances. If the game you are installing does not belong to any of our lists, so there may be quite a lot of troubles and errors that may occur which we don’t know about yet. But we are working hard to widen our lists, especially the official one.

One of the most spread issue is the new Android OS updates which we aren’t caught up with at the moment. This part is on us, so be patient because it usually takes us very little time to fix the Android dedicated bugs.

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I’ve installed the game but don’t know what exe file to choose.

If you face that problem, you likely to have installed the game which is not included in our official list of supported games. In this case, you should find the exe file with the title closest to the game’s name. For instance, for StarCraft it is the “StarCraft.exe”, for Red Alert – “Red_Alert.exe”, Fallout 2 – “fallout2.exe”, etc. But sometimes it even may not work. For example, for Civilisation 3 the valid exe file turned out to be “C3Conquests.exe”. So, if the most obvious way doesn’t work, try to launch everything and just remember which exe worked.

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How can I control the game while playing if it is created for PCs with all that keyboards and a mouse stuff?

It would be a really hard thing if we hadn’t worked out specially adapted touchscreen controls for very convenient and comfortable playing on Android touchscreens. To learn more about the compliance of the actions performed on a keyboard and a mouse to the touchscreen gestures, read the description below.

‘Helium’ controls

These controls are recommended for Heroes 3 *, Disciples 2 * and Panzer General 2 *.

Controls have the only one mode, all actions can be performed by gestures described here.

Tutorial for Exagear strateies type 1 controls called Helium

‘Cuprum’ controls

These controls are recommended for Civilization 3 *.

Controls have two modes – left click mode and right click mode. The current mode is indicated in the top left corner of the screen inside the application. To change mode tap the indicator.

Besides the actions which can be performed by gestures described here, hot keys are available to the left of the screen inside the application.

Tutorial for Exagear strateies type 2 controls called Cuprum

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Do you have any forum or a tech support thread anywhere else?

We’ve got quite a large community, which is really into trying out different Windows games on Andorid (they’re developing their own games list which we call unofficial) and have enough experience to help you in most difficult cases. They are located at:

Surf the threads and if you don’t find the answers, do not hesitate to ask a question. Your issue may become their next successful case.

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