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Bringing Desktop Applications to Mobile Devices

We are living in the world divided into mobile devices and PCs because of incompatibility of applications for different hardware platforms. Millions of people are bound to use only PCs since respective tablet apps ether missing, lack functionality or compatibility. Imagine what if people could use their desktop apps on their tablets on the go?

Eltechs is solving this problem by creating virtualization engine for mobile devices that can run desktop applications. This engine allows us to run desktop apps “as is” (i.e. without any modifications) on mobile devices. Application runs directly on your mobile device and does not require internet access.

Today Eltechs ExaGear Mobile is used in following Android applications that publicly available on Google Play:


Shtyrlitz: “BUST” operation

Another classic Russian quest is ported on Android with the help of Eltechs Engine technology . Click here to learn more.


ExaGear RPG

This is an emulator that allows classic PC versions of role playing games to be played directly on Android mobile devices. Fallout 1,2 * and Might and Magic VI, VII, VIII * are the first in a series of great games supported by ExaGear RPG for Android. Click here to learn more.


Petka and Vasily Ivanovich Save The Galaxy (russian)

The legendary quest “Petka and Vasily Ivanovich Save The Galaxy” is on Android now! Porting “Petka” was done with the help of Eltechs ExaGear Mobile technology. Click here to learn more.


ExaGear Strategies

This is an emulator for Android that allows to run old-school PC strategy games. And its main feature is deeply customized controls for touch screen. Click here  to learn more.


Heretic* by Eltechs

This is original PC version of Heretic* that run on Android-based devices. Relive the original Heretic* experience and fight against the horde of evil monsters from the worlds beyond – now on your mobile devices! Click here to learn more.

* PC games mentioned herein and corresponding trademarks are intellectual property of their respective owners and are not affiliated with Eltechs.