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ExaGear Desktop functionality

With Eltechs ExaGear Desktop you can run any desktop applications that are not compatible with Raspberry Pi, Odroid, and other ARM-based devices. ExaGear is a very fast emulator, powerful virtual machine that allows you running almost any kind of software on almost any hardware.

ExaGear is user-friendly with the transparent operation so you will feel as if you were operating your PC Windows desktop in a regular, most common way. ExaGear will let you enjoy your favorite applications and overcome any kind of incompatibility.

Application support

ExaGear allows you to run almost any 32-bit Linux and 32-bit Windows x86 applications.

ExaGear users launch such applications as:

● Skype
● Teamspeak
● Telegram
● Chrome browser
● Dropbox
● Spotify
● TeamViewer
● .NET Framework
● JDownloader
● Netflix
● Mono
● WinSCP
● Plex
● uTorrent

and many others on Raspberry Pi or any ARM-based devices.

ExaGear Desktop works atop of operating system, so you won’t have to delete your Raspbian or Pixel Desktop!

ExaGear works on Raspbian OS side-by-side and doesn't slows down the system

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raspberry pi

ODROID, Cubox, Jetson, Banana Pi etc

Device support

You can run ExaGear Desktop on ARM-based Mini PCs with Linux such as:

● Raspberry Pi (all models)
● Banana Pi
● CubieBoard
● Orange Pi
● CuBox
● Utilite
● Jetson TK1, TX1, TX2
● Wandboard
● PINE64
● HiKey 960

And many others

ExaGear is faster than any other emulator

ExaGear is extremely fast in running x86 applications on ARM devices! It’s super scalable and doesn’t impact on parallelism utilizing all CPU cores of your device.

Moreover, ExaGear Desktop supports 3D hardware graphics acceleration on Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 models. This feature significantly increases the performance of graphics intensive x86 applications like PC games such as Counter Strike and Diablo II running with ExaGear on RPi 2 and RPi 3.

ExaGear Desktop Reviews

ExaGear Desktop was reviewed by Tobias Schaaf in ODROID Magazine, July 2017 issue, page 12, “Windows x86 Compatability list for ODROID Xu3/Xu4 Running EXAGEAR 2.1 DESKTOP”.

ODROID Magazine issue July 2017 ExaGear Desktop Review

ExaGear Desktop for Raspberry Pi 3 has been reviewed in the official Raspberry Pi magazine The MagPi, issue 60, August 2017.


The MagPi issue 35

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