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Bringing PC games to mobile platform

Eltechs offers PC games developers and publishers a unique solution for bringing their PC games to mobile devices without rewriting game’s sources. Eltechs Engine represents a wrapper for a PC game which launches the game and translates it on the fly on mobile platform. Solution provided by Eltechs is fast and cost effective comparing to the classic process of porting game.


Eltechs Engine usage examples

Resident Evil 5 for SHIELD TV

Resident Evil 5

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for NVIDIA SHIELD

Metal Gear Rising:


Petka and Vasily Ivanovich Save The Galaxy

Petka and Vasily Ivanovich

Save The Galaxy

Shtyrlitz: “BUST” operation


“BUST” operation

How does Eltechs Engine work?

The core of Eltechs Engine is virtualization technology that enables running any PC application directly on mobile devices. The main feature of Eltechs Engine is high performance due to the applied advanced optimization techniques. We developed an easy to use solution when the end user do not see the difference between running PC applications and native mobile applications on their mobile devices. First we pack PC application with virtualization engine in one package. Second we provide customization of controls for touch screen for a particular application. As a result there is ready to use application that can be published on digital mobile app stores.

How much time does it take to bring a PC game to mobile platform using Eltechs Engine?

We reuse the core technology and perform customization of game controls and building the package. Usually it takes just a couple of weeks.

How do I get Eltechs Engine?

PC games developers and publishers are welcome to contact us using our Feedback form.