Eltechs ExaGear Product

Eltechs products for end users that use ARM-based devices

ExaGear Desktop

With Eltechs ExaGear Desktop you can run Intel x86 application on your ARM-based device simultaneously with common native applications. You can even run Windows applications on your ARM device if you install Wine.
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ExaGear Mobile

Based on ExaGear Mobile we developed emulators for Android that allow users to play the classic PC games on Android devices. ExaGear Mobile enables running PC games directly to mobile devices without the need to access the Internet.
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Shtirlitz game by Buka and ExaGear Engine on Play Store - the logo ExaGear RPG app on Play Store - the logo  Petka game by Buka and ExaGear Engine on Play Store - the logo ExaGear Strategies app on Play Store Logo_512
Heretic game made with ExaGear Engine logo_03

Eltechs technology for businesses willing to bring PC applications to ARM platform

Eltechs Engine

Eltechs offers PC games developers and publishers a unique solution for bringing their PC games to mobile devices without rewriting the source code of the game.
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ExaGear Server

Now Eltechs solution for the server market is available via ARM-as-a-Service platform.
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