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The detailed tutorial on how to play Panzer General 2
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Panzer General 2 on Android Devices with ExaGear Strategies

Panzer General 2 is a turn-based PC strategy game, released in 2000. The game is dedicated to the World War II and is the sixth one from the “General” series by Strategic Simulations, Inc.

The player finds themselves involved in the historical war battles scenarios. The action takes place on the hex-like map, where all the territory is made up of hexagon terrains, either free or occupied by the enemy. So, the players may move their army units through the free hexagons and fight for occupied ones as well as attack the buildings, located on that terrains. Each occupied hex is marked with a flag to let the opposite side be aware of the borders of influence.

Panzer General 2 is not the only game, approved by the tests on ExaGear Strategies. You may also like other games, ahich are included into our officially supported games list:

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Besides, we’ve got the list of unofficially supported games, which were tested by our community and enthusiastic users. It already includes 140+ games and keeps on growing:

List of unofficially supported games for ExaGear Strategies

Stay in touch with the updates of our official and unofficial lists. A lot of cool games are coming soon!

Install Panzer General 2 on Mobile Devices: 4 Steps Tutorial

All you need to do is the following:

  1. Download ExaGear Strategies from Play Store
  2. Set up Panzer General 2 on your PC
  3. Transfer the game folder to your Android mobile device
  4. Start ExaGear Strategies and launch the game on your Android smartphone or tablet

Now, let’s take a little bit closer look at the entire process.

Install ExaGear Strategies

Simply follow the link and install ExaGear Strategies on your Android device. Or just type “ExaGear Strategies” in the search section of Play Market.

Get it on Google Play

Install Panzer General 2 on your Desktop PC

We strongly recommend you to use official, tested and guaranteed way of getting the game from It’s really easy, all you need is to simply download the game. You can also try to get the game somewhere else, but we cannot guaranty the successful installation in this case.

When you receive the game installer file on your PC, just launch the installation: tick the EULA regulations and click “next”.

How to run Panzer General 2 on Android Mobile devices

Transfer and Launch the Game on your Mobile Device

After the installation is complete, go to “This PC” – “Local Disc (C)” – “GOG Games”. This is the special folder where all of the GOG games are usually installed to. In this directory, find the “Panzer General 2” folder (see the screenshot below).

How to run Panzer General 2 on Mobile devices - tutorial

Also note, that in some cases the folder “GOG Games” can be created in the “Program Files (x86)” directory.

Then, you need to find the ExaGear folder on your mobile devices. For that, connect it to your PC via USB-cable, go to “This PC” and find your device icon in the “Devices and drivers” section:

Enter your Mobile deivce on your PC

Go to your device, internal storage and find the ExaGear folder there.

Find the ExaGear folder on your Mobile deivce

Now, just copy the whole “Panzer General 2” folder with all its files to the ExaGear folder on your mobile device:

Download Panzer General 2 game folder to ExaGear folder on your mobile deivce

After that, launch ExaGear Strategies app on your Android device. It should automatically find the game “.exe” file.

ExaGear Strategies will identificate the Panzer General 2 exe file automatically

Tap on it to call for the controls pop-up window.

Choose the controls for Panzer General 2 in ExaGear Strategies app

As you can see on the very top of the screenshot there’s a sign saying “Controls “Helium” are recommended for this game”, this means that the system has chosen the controls automatically and you don’t need to change anything. Just make a one-time payment (or subscribe for a monthly fee) and the game should start! You can also choose 3-day trial available.

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