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Play Heroes of Might and Magic III* on your mobile devices!

Unfortunately, the application Heroes 3 Runner was blocked on Google Play 🙁

For those who want to play Heroes 3* on mobile devices we launched new product – ExaGear Strategies! This is emulator for Android that allows to run old-school PC strategy games. For more information click here.

Regarding money refund for Heroes 3 Runner.
1. You may continue to use H3R. Unlimited access have to work properly.
2. There is no technical ability to count purchase of H3R in ExaGear Strategies. We would like to propose to you money refund if you want off course 🙂 Please send email on support at eltechs.com, fill in Subject “Refund H3R”, in body give order number (20digit.16digit). You can find order number in email from google with your order receipt. Money will return on account from which was initial payment in few days.

* Heroes of Might and Magic: Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (III) computer game series, including all related content and expansion packs, are registered trademarks and intellectual property of UbiSoft Entertainment and are not affiliated with Eltechs.
Ubisoft Entertainment has no relation to ExaGear Strategies software program and disclaims any obligation, responsibility and/or liability with respect to this program.

  • Rob Ellis

    I luckily got the app before it was removed from google play, but now i can’t unlock unlimited so can’t play it anymore 🙁
    Is there anyway i can get it working again?


  • Shawn Ely

    How do I get this?

  • Vadim

    We are planning to republish Heroes 3 Runner in 1-2 days. Follow a news on our g+ community

  • Rob Ellis

    Awesome. Thanks guys!