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Play classic RPG games on Android devices

Eltechs is pleased to announce the release of ExaGear RPG, an emulator that allows playing classic PC versions of games of RPG genre directly on Android mobile devices. To the joy of iconic games fans ExaGear RPG enables running Fallout 1, 2 * and Might and Magic VI, VII, VIII * on Android devices. Support for a lot of other role-playing games in our nearest plans.

ExaGear RPG is free to download from the Google Play digital app store and contains in-app purchases of classic keyboard controls adapted for the touchscreen. The only prerequisite is a fully working PC version of the game, and in order to play it on Android, an easy-to-follow instruction must be followed including moving game files from the PC to the mobile device. Upon installation, the player can relive the glory of the classic game just as in good old days.

Visit ExaGea RPG page to find out more information.

Download ExaGear RPG from Google Play.

View video clip with Fallout * running on Android tablet using ExaGear RPG:

PC games are sold separately. ExaGear RPG users must own licensed copies of PC games. Usage of PC games with ExaGear RPG must comply with users’ rights in accordance with corresponding licenses.
ExaGear RPG software product does not relate to, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by PC games respective copyright owners.
Any and all PC games that are run by the ExaGear RPG and corresponding trademarks are the property of their respective copyright owners and are not affiliated with Eltechs.