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Nitrux and Eltechs partner to amp up NXQ offerings

Moscow, Russia – software startup Eltechs and Mexico-based hardware startup Nitrux® S.A. have partnered to provide NXQ® users the possibility of running x86 software on their mini-PCs powered by Nitrux® OS by using Eltechs ExaGear Desktop virtualization technologies.

About ExaGear Desktop:

ExaGear Desktop makes it possible to run any x86 Linux application on an ARM-based device such as Jetson, versions of Chromebooks, even Windows applications (with the help of open-source software Wine). ExaGear Desktop also boasts outstanding performance specs – in tests it runs 4.5 times faster than Qemu.

The partnership will allow users to select ExaGear Desktop as extra-software when purchasing an NXQ® from the Nitrux® Store. The software will be pre-installed on the device and can be activated before shipping by Nitrux® or by the user at his/her own discretion.

Nitrux® S.A. expects that this allows users that were worried about using the devices on a environment where most software is released for x86 computers using an Intel® or AMD® CPU expecting to boost user’s confidence, attract future investors for the platform and widen its customer base. In addition current users of an NXQ® will be able to purchase the software right from the Nitrux® Store as well. Both options will be available for users starting from April 22, 2015.

About Nitrux® S.A.:

Nitrux S.A.® aims to create and build something better every time. Founded in 2012 in Mexico, it’s a dedicated and independent Linux-hardware OEM and artwork provider for various *nix desktop environments and has collaborated with various Open Source projects like KDE and Numix. Nitrux® S.A. will uphold its promise of stimulating economy of source projects though it’s Backd® funding program, where purchasing an NXQ® will provide funds that Nitrux® S.A. will give to a selected project. For more information, please visit: https://nitrux.in/about/backd/

About Eltechs:

Eltechs is a technology startup which focuses on cutting edge cross-architecture virtualization technologies. Eltechs provide solutions for running Intel x86 applications on ARM-based devices for server, mobile and desktop markets. Praise for Eltechs products has been building since the project’s launch in 2012, and the company has been recognized by Wired Magazine (“…a secret weapon for these ARM upstarts…”), CIO (“In this context it makes sense for many data center operators to consider switching to ARM-based servers in the future.”), and Digital Trends (“…if you’re a huge fan of classic strategy games and want to bring them wherever you go, then give ExaGear Strategies a try.”).