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“It’s worth the money asked”

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One of the most popular and authority Raspberry Pi magazine called MagPi has recently released a new ExaGear Desktop review. This has also coincided with our 5th-anniversary birthday celebration! So, I decided to make some conclusions and pretend what the future is like…

Yes, the companies have also got their birth dates and the companies also measure what they have passed and what have they got as a result of those years. So is Eltechs with its ExaGear Desktop software which has been helping tens of thousands of users, developers and makers around the world already for 5 years to start x86 applications on ARM-based devices. In fact, it used to be supposed impossible. Or, at least, possible, but with enormous limitations!

Looking at all these 5 years passed we can sum up what we’ve achieved so far. And I would say that a great job has been done by now and still keep on being done. Let’s take a quick look at all those things together.

ExaGear is trusted by users and pros

Back at the very beginning of our way, we became a real synonym to the TeamViewer setup on ARM (Raspberry Pi) Devices helping makers and developers get a remote access to their PIs (or whatever ARM boards they had) which turned out to be an issue of high demand. We received (and keep receiving) a lot of good reviews both from the ordinary users and from the professionals involved. We used to have mentions in such periodic magazines as ODROID Magazine and MagPi (one of the MOST popular magazines among the whole Raspberry Pi community). And to our honor, they have recently presented us with another mention in their fresh MagPi August 2017 issue

Great ExaGear review in the MagPi magazine August 2017 issue


In this issue, they also point out what ExaGear Desktop is now. And its new features and achievements are quite impressive. The current new version of ExaGear supports 3D graphics acceleration now, so we managed to start such iconic games as Counter Strike and Diablo II on Raspberry Pi. In their review, the MagPi Team enjoyed playing Eye of the Beholder and Loom. They also were pleasantly surprised by the excellent performance of Noptepad++ on Raspberry Pi as well as the Microsoft Office 2003 applications. Thanks to them for their experiments and if you want to look through all of them, read their article ExaGear Desktop for Raspberry Pi 3 right away. Or just find the full PDF-version of the MagPi magazine here. The most awesome thing in their article was the conclusion: “Exagear is worth its lifetime price…” Real acknowledgment by the real pros. This is what we are striving for every day.

Whats’ next?

Well, we’ve got 5 years behind us and we are still rocking. We are very grateful to those tens of thousands of our satisfied customers around the world who have chosen our software. And to make users even happier, we are constantly updating our product filling it with more in demand, cool and needed features so you can reach any goal while working with ARM-based devices.

Just learn our most recent research! We have managed to start and operate the most popular Forex trading software MetaTrader 4 on Raspberry Pi. This will open up a great possibility for making up a fully automated smart trading bot, which will be applying the best Forex strategies 24/7 and providing its owner with a passive income. So, we are widening the range of implementation for our software within absolutely different and even unexpected markets and fields.

Moreover, if you have any ideas about the ways to apply our software or would want to get a particular features, please feel free to contact us via

We also improve our offer, so it’s worth noting that we have completely changed pricing and made them much more cost-efficient! Just in case you may be interested, check out our latest offer.

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