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ExaGear Desktop Review in Odroid Magazine


ExaGear Desktop has been reviewed by Justin Lee in Odroid Magazine, issue #27, March 2016.

ExaGear Desktop is a virtual machine that allows running of x86 Linux applications directly on ARM based Mini PCs simultaneously with native applications. It also allows you to run x86 Windows applications on ARM platform using Wine (http://www.winehq.org/). The main advantage of ExaGear is its exceptional performance. The current version of ExaGear Desktop provides up to 80% of native ARM application performance on average, as described here.

Although QEMU allows users to run x86 apps on ARM-based devices, it does not deliver good performance. A lot of x86 application developers do not take the time to do performance tuning of their applications, since they develop with an Intel i7 CPU. If their app works adequately on that machine, they do not tune performance further. ARM’s CPUs have a less peak performance, but are more power efficient, cheaper and cooler, and with dramatic overhead of QEMU (5-10 times), you can not run x86 apps at an acceptable performance level. ExaGear Desktop is state-of-the-art emulator using binary translation, which provides small performance overhead.

One of the best ARM-based device for running x86 apps is ODROID-XU4. Currently, it is the best device on the market from a performance perspective. It is based on octacore Samsung Exynos 5422 2GHz CPU. By combining the high performance of the ODROID-XU4 and the efficiency of ExaGear Desktop, you can run a lot of popular x86 applications on an XU4 flawlessly and have a better user experience.

Additionally, ExaGear Desktop allows you interact with x86 applications the same way as you interact with ARM applications. After installation you can just go to the start menu and run your application. In this article, we will provide some real example of ExaGear performance by installing TeamViewer, Skype and Spotify. Read further…

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