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ExaGear Desktop Review in Micro Mart


ExaGear Desktop has been featured as the app of the week in Micro Mart, the UKs weekly IT magazine, issue 1367, 18-24 June 2015.

“It’s quite ingenious, and introduces a new level of software installations for the ARM eco system. It works, basically, by intercepting x86 programs and converting them in real time to ARM compatible code. It’s essentially a virtual machine, which creates a virtual i686-compatible processor within an ARM environment – specifically, the Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi version 2 – where a guest operating system is used, Debian 7 in the case of the Raspberry Pi.”

“…this is a good project that has tons of potential and can help bridge the gap between x86 apps and programs and ARM based packages in a more stable and faster environment than we’ve previously used.”

Full version of the review is available in pdf format on our website.

In order to obtain full version of the magazine please follow this link: