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Eltechs can run Intel x86 application on Raspberry Pi

May 29, 2015.

Today Eltechs launched the worldwide release of new version its “Eltechs ExaGear Desktop” virtualization solution which opens up a host of new possibilities for running apps across platforms. ExaGear Desktop makes it possible to run Intel x86 application on ARM-based devices, and is targeted to individuals running ARM-based Mini PCs and to businesses deploying ARM-based devices to cut costs.

The key advance of new version is support of Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi 2 devices. And now 5,000,000 owners of Raspberries can run Intel x86 software on Raspberry devices as well. Also in new version it was supported new OS distribution: new version of Ubuntu, Debian and Raspbian. Performance and sound support also was enhancement.

“We are pleased to add support of Raspberry Pi devices in ExaGear Desktop and hope huge number of owners Raspberry Pi will enjoy our cutting edge virtualization technology and can use their favorite application on Raspberry Pi,” said Vadim Gimpelson, CEO of Eltechs.

About Eltechs.

Eltechs (eltechs.com) is a technology startup which focuses on cutting edge cross-architecture virtualization technologies. Eltechs provide solutions for running Intel x86 applications on ARM-based devices for servers, mobile and desktop markets. Praise for Eltechs’ products has been building since the project’s launch in 2012, and the company has been recognized by Wired Magazine (“…a secret weapon for these ARM upstarts…” ), CIO (“In this context it makes sense for many data center operators to consider switching to ARM-based servers in the future.” ), and Digital Trends (“…if you’re a huge fan of classic strategy games and want to bring them wherever you go, then give ExaGear Strategies a try.”).

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