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China Shakes Up ARM Servers

64-core chip leapfrogs competition

CUPERTINO, Calif. – A China-based startup described at the annual Hot Chips event here the most aggressive ARM-based server processor to date. In the same session, Oracle described its first Sparc processor with integrated Infiniband.

Little known Phytium Technology Co. Ltd., founded in 2012, described a processor using 64 custom ARMv8 cores that will run at up to 2 GHz at 28nm. It can issue up to four instructions per cycle to hit up to 512 GFlops. The massive chip consumes 120W and fits in a 640mm2 die with about 3,000 pins.


The so-called Mars design surpasses existing high-end ARM-based server chips such as the 48-core ThunderX now sampling from Cavium and a high-end part still in the works at Broadcom. In February EZchip said it will ship a 100-core ARMv8 made in a 28nm process, but it may not ship until 2017.

The Mars design has not yet taped out, but nevertheless impressed analysts and observers at the annual gathering of microprocessor designers here, in part because few had heard of the company.

Read the full article by Rick Merritt here.

Source: http://www.eetimes.com/

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