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AMD Will Release Samples Of 64-bit ARM-based Chips In 1Q2014

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AMD claims to be “on track to launch one of the industry’s first 64 -bit ARM server SoCs in 2014.” This means that AMD will be sampling 64-bit ARM this quarter already.

AMD is the second largest producer of x86-based CPUs after Intel. Few years ago AMD started to optimize (not so profitable) business and diversify its portfolio. Right now AMD active in a number of areas: high-performance x86 CPUs, GPUs, server market, partnership with Sony and Microsoft on PS4 and Xbox One respectively. According to recent financial stats such diversification finally starting to pay off for AMD. ARM based SoC market is another way to make business more sustainable.

According to president and CEO Rory Read, AMD targets high-dense server market with its 64-bit ARM SoC:
“Our unique position offering both x86 and ARM solutions combined with our years of experience in the server market and industry-leading fabric technology differentiates us as we bring an expanding set of solutions to this important market.”

AMD is one of the most experienced player in CPU and server production market. Combined all together AMD would be able to provide high-quality ARM-based server in nearest future. Thus boosting low-powered and high-dense server market. ARM clearly gained powerful advantage in face of AMD.

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