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Raspberry Pi

4.5 years after its first version’s release, Raspberry Pi (a then-revolutionary credit card-sized and astonishingly powerful mini PC) still defies people’s imagination and grants millions of enthusiasts all over the world freedom of expression and control over their own creations.

It will do almost everything most people want from a computer and includes some basic software. However, those who want a broader range of capability and the possibility to use their favorite applications, will face an inevitable inconvenience. Nowadays there’s a lot of software that people use on daily basis and are not ready to give up on it. Say, you are used to those warm and homey Skype video calls with your family before sleep. Or you can’t imagine your morning without a few rhythmic songs from your Spotify playlist. However, both Skype and Spotify, as well as many other beloved apps, are not available on Raspberry Pi.

Luckily, you won’t have to deprive yourself of what’s important to you. With ExaGear Desktop you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite software on your Raspberry Pi or other ARM mini PC. In this article we’ll guide you through some of the popular PC applications – Skype, TeamSpeak3 Server, Spotify, Google Chrome and some of your favorite retro games – and tell how you can get them on your Raspberry Pi.

Skype for Raspberry Pi

Skype on Raspberry Pi

Skype has become an essential application for millions of people all over the world. We’ve become closer to each other and have got an amazing opportunity to get to know, see and talk to a person on the other side of the planet. Via Skype you can not only talk to your family and friends, but also get a job, take part in meetings and webinars and do many more things for your self-development. This amazing software has taken a firm place in our everyday life. Unfortunately, Skype (as well as many other popular apps) is not available on Raspberry Pi. That means that you won’t be able to install it on your device in a natural way.

However, nothing is impossible. ExaGear Desktop will let you stay in touch with your contacts as well as do many more habitual things on your Raspberry Pi. And here you can find a detailed step-by-step instruction on How to Run Skype on Raspberry Pi. If you strictly follow the steps, the process will take only a few minues. And soon you’ll be able to fully enjoy Skype on your Raspberry Pi. Good news is that with ExaGear Desktop you’ll be able to stuff your Raspberry Pi with many more favorite chat (and not only) apps, e.g. Telegram.

TeamSpeak 3 Server on Raspberry Pi

TeamSpeak 3 on Raspberry Pi

TeamSpeak is a software that allows users to speak with fellow computer users on a chat channel, using a headset and a microphone. Not hard to guess that it’s especially popular among gamers, as it lets them communicate by keeping their hands on controls. Users use the TeamSpeak client software to connect to a TeamSpeak server of their choice, from where they can join chat channels. However, you can, and will probably want to, create your own TeamSpeak 3 Server. Unfortunately, the software is not ported on Raspberry Pi.

But this is not a problem, if you have ExaGear Desktop, which lets you run x86 apps on Raspberry Pi and many other ARM mini PCs. We already covered this topic earlier, so you can find detailed instructions on How to Turn your Raspberry Pi into TeamSpeak 3 Server in the corresponding posts. Of course the installation process will require some attention and time from your side. But very soon you will see that it was worth it! You can read more about TeamSpeak 3 and it’s key features on the official website.

Spotify for Raspberry Pi

Spotify for Raspberry Pi

Millions of music lovers all over the world have chosen Spotify as their #1 music resource. No wonder, as it provides you with access to over 30 million songs and lets you play any song any time, build your best ever music collection, find new faves via recommendations and share them with your friends. If you haven’t heard about Spotify yet (do such people actually exist?), you should probably read more about it on the Spotify website. But if you are an active Spotify user and also an owner of Raspberry Pi, then you probably already know that it is not available for Raspberry Pi.

However, you’ll still be able to dance to your favorite tunes and even use Spotify Connect on your Raspberry Pi to control the music from any of your devices, if you use ExaGear Desktop. Earlier we posted a thorough instruction on How to Run Spotify on your Raspberry Pi. So all you need to do is carefully go through all the steps and in a few minutes you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite music.

Google Chrome for Raspberry Pi

Chrome for Raspberry Pi

As of August 2016 Google Chrome has a 62% worldwide usage share of web browsers as a desktop browser and is also the most popular browser for smartphones. And it’s a common phenomenon that the majority can not be wrong. This means that millions of people prefer Google Chrome to any other browser for some good reason. And indeed, Google Chrome has much to offer. It is very fast, is frequently updated, has simple and elegant UI, lots of extensions and many more tempting features. And if you are a Raspberry Pi owner, you would probably want to have it on your device. However, there is no Chrome build for Raspberry Pi (and for any other ARM-based PC except Chromebook).

Some people use Chromium browser (an open-sourse version of Google Chrome). But if you try using it you will see that it can’t be called a good alternative, as you won’t be able to do many things, e.g. watch videos on Netflix or Amazon Prime and more. Luckily, ExaGear Desktop provides you with an easy solution. With its help you’ll be able to launch any software available in x86 Linux world, including Google Chrome. Here you can find a simple but detailed instruction on Running Google Chrome on Raspberry Pi. Just follow the steps and use your favorite browser to its fullest!

Gaming beyond RetroPie

Run Windows PC games on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi owners know that with some effort and creativity they can turn their amazing mini PCs into practically whatever they want – a weather station, a drone controller, a wildlife camera or anything else. People of different professions and interests use Raspberry Pi to make their craziest dreams come true. But there has always been something that could unite even the most incompatible people – gaming. And even though Raspberry Pi is not “strong” enough to support contemporary video games, it does pretty well with the old-school ones.

Retro has been “the new modern” for a while already and will probably stay this way for some time. This explains the level of populatity of RetroPie (a bunch of emulators and open-source ported games in one package) among the Raspberry Pi owners. And despite all the great features that RetroPie can offer, it still won’t be able to fully quench your arcade thirst. The thing is that most emulators have very low performance and you’ll only be able to play some of the very old DOS games.

Luckily, there is a way to take nostalgia to a new level – ExaGear Desktop. It can significantly increase the capabilities of your Raspberry Pi-based gaming console and will let you play many more modern Linux and Windows PC games than RetroPie can offer. We covered 6 iconic games in our previous articles. So if you follow the links, you will find out how to run Arcanum, Disciples II, Fallout as well as Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri and Caesar 3 on your Raspberry Pi. Of course we are planning to test many more of your favorite games and will soon tell you about them. So stay tuned and enjoy gaming on your Raspberry Pi!

Final notes

With ExaGear Desktop you can run many more x86 apps on your Raspberry Pi and other ARM-based devices (such as Odroid, Banana Pi, Beagleboard, Cubox, Jetson, Cubieboard etc.). We’ve already covered some of them in our previous posts and will soon post more tutorials on your favorite apps. Stay in touch and explore the capabilities of your Raspberry Pi.

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