Eltechs Product

Running Standard PC Applications on ARM-based Servers

ARM-based servers can dramatically decrease the TCO of data centers, allowing for more cost efficient delivery of cloud and other data center side services.

Due to the ubiquity of the x86 platform many applications are not currently ready to make the most of ARM-based hardware, but Eltechs can bring standard x86 applications to ARM without compromising on usability, performance, or reliability.

Eltechs uses binary translation technology to deliver a solution that makes being part of the ARM revolution easier than ever before.

Now our solution is available via AaaS and you can try it at For more details read the press release in our blog.



We provide up to 80% out of native ARM application performance. Running x86 applications on ARM delivers close to native performance with dramatic energy savings.



We use best practice combined with vast experience of building high-tech products to provide a great level of reliability.


Ease of use

We are committed to developing technology that is user friendly with transparent operation so end users don’t notice a difference between running x86 applications natively, or on an ARM-based platform.