ExaGear Desktop

Run x86 applications on your mini PC based on ARM microprocessor!

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ExaGear RPG

ExaGear RPG allows PC versions of role playing games to be played on Android mobile devices without modifications. Fallout 1, 2 and Might and Magic VI, VII, VIII are the first in a series of great games supported by ExaGear RPG for Android. I n the near future we plan to offer support for a lot of other cool games.

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ExaGear Strategies

ExaGear Strategies is an emulator for Android that allows to run old-school PC strategy games. The main feature is deeply customized controls for touch screen. But control customized for Heroes 3, Disciples 2 and Civilization 3 at the moment.  Customizations for a lot of cool games are coming soon!

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Eltechs is a start-up founded in 2012. Our core competence is high performance binary translation technology. Our mission is to provide data center owners and cloud-providers worldwide with the ability to fully utilize their computing capacities, independently on hardware architecture and without compromising performance, reliability and ease of use.

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Run standard PC applications on ARM-based server. Whether you are a data center owner or a cloud service provider power-efficient ARM-based servers are a good way to drive down total cost of ownership. With our product you don’t have to give up on standard PC applications while using ARM! It’s fast, reliable and easy to use.

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We are a team of passionate IT professionals who specialize in binary translation technology. We develop hi-tech products that are designed to perfectly meet customer needs. And we value knowledge and creativity.

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